CEP Solitex Plain


CEP Solitex Plain tiles are made from a combination of mineral (manmade) and cellulose fibres, clay and other inorganic fillers bound with starch binders. Factory finished with water thinnable coatings whose composition is akin to decorative emulsion paints.

CEP Solitex Plain 95RH


Price Guide:                                           Low to mid range

Dimensions:                                          600x600x13mm


Colour:                                                   White

Reaction to fire:                                    Class 0

Fire protection:

Sound absorption aw:                           0.25

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient):     0.25

Sound attenuation Dncw:                     34 dB

Light reflectance:

Thermal conductivity:

Humidity:                                              Up to 95 % RH

Data Unavailable Sound Absorption Graph