Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Accessible suspended ceilings were invented in the 1950’s by Donald A Brown to hide the services a building requires. Acoustic suspended ceiling tiles are available with various face patterns, colours, sizes, edge details and are usually made from mineral fibre, glass fibre, rock fibre or metal but can also be made from other materials.

A typical suspended ceiling system (sometimes called a drop ceiling) comprises of a grid-work of metal t-bars suspended on wires from the soffit. These ceiling t-bars snap together in a regularly spaced pattern, typically 600x600mm or 1200x600mm. Each opening or cell is filled with ceiling tiles. Light fittings or air grills can also be fitted in to the space normally taken by a ceiling tile.

Suspended ceilings have improved dramatically over the years and can now achieve up to 90 minutes fire ratings, enhanced sound attenuation, absorption and high moisture resistance.

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